Building Features

At Thunderbolt Steel Buildings, our factory design and detailed engineering ensure your steel building will last you a lifetime. Each building package includes engineered computer drawings and a comprehensive erection manual. In addition, our steel and metal buildings are engineered to meet U.S., German, and European building codes.

As part of our commitment to quality, the following features and warranties are standard with every steel and metal building:

PBR (Purlin Bearing Rib) Roof Panels

Thunderbolt’s: Our 26 gauge panels are composed of AZ55 – 55% of coating is aluminum, requires no painting and comes with a 40-year limited perforation warranty

Our Competitors: Use only an AZ50 which is a 50% coating of aluminum, use only zinc, which eventually rusts and only offers a 20-year warranty.

roof panels

Painted Panels

Thunderbolt’s: Each Thunderbolt building panel has a paint that is a silicone-polyester coating which has reflective properties for infrared radiation, which saves you on cooling costs. It is also backed with a 40-year limited warranty.

Our Competitors: Have no reflective value and only offer a 20-year warranty.


Galvanized Girts, Purlins and C-sections

Thunderbolt’s: All of our steel building’s secondary framing, consisting of girts, purlins and c-sections, are galvanized steel making them rust-proof.

Our Competitors: Secondary framing is not galvanized, which will eventually rust.


Stainless Steel Capped Self-Drilling Fasteners

Thunderbolt’s: Our fasteners are made with surgical steel. They won’t rust or oxidize keeping the building beautiful. They are available in color to match the color of your panel and also come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Our Competitors: Use a cadmium plated fastener which eventually turn dark gray or black making the building unattractive. Other companies use zinc, which will rust.


Steel Main Frame I-Beam Construction

Thunderbolt’s: We apply gray primer oxide on main frames to safeguard against corrosion.


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Why Thunderbolt Makes a Difference:

Great Warranties

Framing and Trim

40-Year Limited Perforation Warranty

40-Year Limited Paint Warranty

50-year Structural Warranty

Limited Lifetime Stainless Steel Fastener Warranty

Complete Trim Package

Base Trim Package

Galvanized Secondary Framing

Wide Variety of Panel and Trim Colors